*NEW* Winch Operations 101


Winch in Use


Just about every emergency service provider has a winch in their equipment arsenal. Have you ever been properly trained on the safe operation of your winch? This interactive training program was designed in conjunction with Warn Industries based on rescuer’s needs, and provides the proper procedures and techniques for using vehicle mounted or portable winches. This course will cover the use, maintenance, and safety aspects of a winch and related equipment in rescue situations. You will gain knowledge on how to hold loads, pull loads, and secure vehicles for stabilization. This course will also provide techniques on how to properly inspect your winch for safe, efficient, and effective rescue operations. You will learn to use a simple formula to calculate how to safely operate a winch to prevent injury to personnel or damage to equipment. In addition to the lecture, the practical component will include a hands on application on using and maintaining your winch. Don’t let this important piece of equipment sit unused or not used to its safe capabilities.

Course Options:

  1. Rescue Winching Awareness: 3hrs, Lecture only, Single Instructor
  2. Rescue Winch Operations: 3hr Lecture & 3hr Practical. Practical sessions for more than 15 Students requires more instructors.

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