Tool Service

ESI takes pride in providing the best technical service available to our customers. Service takes on a number of aspects that include: Availability, response, service equipment, repair parts, preventative maintenance, customer training, and technician training.

Availability: ESI insures that availability to speak to someone about a service need is possible 24/7. During normal business hours, staff members can be reached at our 1-800-574-8228 number. Since our customer base works beyond the normal hours, a customer may contact an ESI representative via cell phones and pagers when an immediate response is required. Since we service emergency equipment that can be used anytime during the day or week, we at ESI have committed our availability to match your schedule.

When there is a need to respond, ESI can be there via our five full-service trucks or three Quick Response Service Vehicles. Our commitment to service contracted customers is within 36 hours from the initial call. Most times it is within a 24 hour period.

SpaceKap Ready Service Trucks: ESI’s 5 full-service vehicles have service tools on-board to handle a multitude of repair needs. Each vehicle is equipped with a SpaceKap allowing our service technicians to travel with all the necessary work space and equipment to entirely take apart any tool or power unit and rebuild it on location. Quick Response Service vehicles are prepared to handle immediate needs such as blade and coupler changes.

Preventative Maintenance: has always been offered to ESI’s customers. When a new set of Holmatro Rescue Tools are delivered, a Service Contract is included at no additional cost for 1 year. The Service Contract includes emergency service response, loaner equipment and a year-end preventative maintenance service. Renewing the contract after the first year costs between 2-3% of the original cost of the tools. A recurring PM Contract gives the customer piece-of-mind that once a year their emergency equipment is ready for emergencies by detecting and addressing any issues that could interfere with proper operation when lives hang in the balance. 

Training: When a new system is delivered, the customer is taught how to use the rescue tools as well as the responsibility of keeping the system operationally ready. Training of customers on their role in preventative maintenance is key to ensuring that the rescue equipment is always prepared for use. Periodically ESI sends Technical Bulletins to our customers covering issues that may be affecting tool performance thus creating service needs.