*NEW* Vehicle Catch Cushion

Vehicle Catch Cushion

Safely lower an occupied vehicle to better access patients on scene.

Finally… a device designed to bring an overturned car, with a patient in it, down on all fours with little movement.


The Vehicle Catch Cushion 

by JYD Industries

Features & Benefits

  • Dramatically reduce extrication time
  • For an injured patient, removal procedures are less likely to cause further injury
  •  Lowering the vehicle into a position that is easily recognizable and easily dealt with in the crucial time of extrication

Make a Complicated Extrication, Simple.

Every Vehicle Catch Cushion comes with all the accessories necessary during rescue operations.

Accessories Included:

Release Hose and Gate
2-3 Cam Straps
Thermal Cover with gated hooks
3-6’ Slings
3 shackles
Carry Bag
Battery Leaf Blower