Electric Vehicle Fires Course

An ESI Equipment Limited-Edition Open Enrollment Training Course

Electric Vehicle Fires Training Course by ESI Equipment

Join ESI Equipment for a first-hand look at the new challenges of battery-vehicle crashes.

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MARCH 7th, 2018

Evening Course, 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
6:00 PM: Sign in & Pizza  //  6:30 PM:  Course Begins

RSVP by March 2nd for Early Bird Special: $20 /Student 

At the door, $25 / Student


Training Facility located at ESI Headquarters
119 Keystone Drive, Montgomeryville, PA 18936


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The responders at the Indianapolis Fire Department were dispatched to the aftermath of a high-speed crash and resultant fire involving a battery car with the highly volatile batteries exposed… The lessons learned from the aftermath of that crash is information that all rescuers need to know as the popularity and number of battery vehicles increases…


5 Reasons Why Your Department Members Should Attend:

  1. The popularity and number of battery vehicles on the road today is only increasing.
  2. So, you will be faced with new challenges on-scene with crashes involving high-performance battery-vehicles.
  3. Because this interactive course is a unique opportunity to review high-performance battery-car crashes and what the aftermath of those crashes will entail.
  4. Ultimatly, to prepare your department for the future of new car technology and the hazards that come with it
  5. …because the future is now.

How ESI’s Open-Enrollment Courses Benefit YOU: 

ESI’s open-enrollment training courses offer companies a unique opportunity for members of their department to receive quality training for a price that fits their budget! Our Training Facilities include a large classroom equipped with techology designed for interactive lectures and the space to hold up to 50 students. Our Training Center includes direct access to our warehouse & outdoor area with plenty of room for multiple demo cars and the space required to provide you with a genuine hands-on experience all year round!

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