CORE Technology™ by Holmatro


CORE Technology™ – the next major step forward.

For the past 30 years, Holmatro® Rescue Equipment has been at the forefront of many product technology improvements.  After decades of innovative firsts, Holmatro® now introduces a revolutionary new technology that is sure to be one of the most important innovations in the field of extrication, ever:



What is CORE Technology™?

CORE Technology™ is a hydraulic system that employs COaxial Rescue Equipment hose, couplers, pumps and tools.  At the CORE of this system is our revolutionary fluid path technology. This coaxial hose design consists of a high pressure CORE, surrounded and protected by the low pressure return.

What makes our coaxial hydraulic hose possible is our patented CORE Technology™ coupler. These couplers have a built-in, automatic return valve that eliminates the need for a dump valve on the pump, simply connect the hose and you’re ready to go.

Why CORE Technology™?

CORE Technology™ is a revolutionary turning point in rescue tool technology.  More than just a new tool, hose or power unit, CORE Technology™ is a new hydraulic system that fundamentally changes the extrication process. When lives are at stake, it’s all about speed and safety.

CORE Technology™ is significantly faster, easier and safer, allowing rescuers to focus on the rescue operation, not the rescue equipment. Once you work with CORE Technology™ and discover the unprecedented benefits, you won’t want to go back to a twin line system.

Faster – CORE Technology™

A CORE Technology™ system is FASTER to to deploy and use than a traditional twin line hydraulic system.

With a single hose per tool, there are fewer connections.

The power unit is always on – there are no dump valves.



Change tools, without returning to the power unit, in four easy steps:

1. Disconnect
2. Hand-off the hose
3. Connect
4. Go to work

Easier – CORE Technology™

Error Proof Connections

Male & female connectors can not be connected incorrectly or in the wrong order. Female couplers always connect to the tool and male couplers always connect to the power unit.

CORE Technology™ hoses also include icons and arrows for quick and easy identification.


Continuous Swivels

360° swivels on both ends of the hose prevent twisting or kinking.



Connect and Go

There is no need to unroll a CORE Technology™ hose before making your connections. No more twisted, kinked hoses.



Packing Up

Rolling up a CORE Technology™ hose is simple. With acouple of overhand or underhand flicks of the wrist, the hose is coiled and ready for storage.



Reduced Weight – Easier to Carry

CORE Technology™ hose weighs approximately 40% less than a twin line hose of equal length. The flexible design allows it to be coiled into a much tighter roll, making the hose easier to manage.


Safer – CORE Technology™

Protected Power

With a CORE Technology™ hose the high pressure line is completely protected by the low pressure return line.

Although protected from external damage, even if the high pressure hose should somehow develop a leak,(*) it would simply return to the pump through the return line.

With the low pressure line on the outside, the maximum pressure a rescuer could be exposed to is 363 psi (25 bar)

(*) With the high pressure hose not in direct contact with the outside environment, damage is highly unlikely.



Para-aramid Yarn Reinforced

CORE Technology™ hose does not use any steel wire for reinforcement.  This high tech yarn is the same type of fiber that is used in turnout gear and ballistic vests.  It is five times stronger than steel and provides greater flexibility and kink resistance.

Both the inner and outer hoses have a safety ratio of 4:1.





Fewer Hoses in the Action Circle

A single smooth hose, compared to twin line hoses with otiker clamps, reduces trip hazards and snag points.

Hot-swappable power allows multiple tool operation from one hose, and prevents unnecessary travel to and from the power unit.

Saves Space – CORE Technology™

Hose Space

CORE Technology™ hose is more flexible, and coils tighter for easier storage in less space than an equal length twin line hose.






Tool Space

With the pigtails eliminated tools mount easier, saving valuable compartment space.