Holmatro Incorporated has been manufacturing high performance rescue tools in Maryland Since 1988.  Founded in the Netherlands in 1967, Holmatro, has over 40 years of experience manufacturing high pressure hydraulic equipment.  Holmatro operates three manufacturing facilities, with two in Europe and one in the United States.  Through our dealer network Holmatro offers product, training, service and support to our customers on every continent.  Rescue and emergency services personnel around the world depend on Holmatro’s technology to make their critical tasks easier, safer and more reliable.

Holmatro has a rich history of product development and innovation.  For us product improvement is an ongoing process. The challenges of rescue are changing.  Today the rescuer must face new materials, new designs and new technologies whether at the scene of a vehicle accident, building collapse or natural disaster.  That is why Holmatro is always improving, always developing new products and always bring new solutions to the market.

Since 1990, Holmatro has been the official rescue tool of premier open wheel racing in the USA.  During the years when Indy Car and Champ Car were split, Holmatro was one of the few sponsors to support both series.  Despite their different directions, both series traveled with dedicated safety teams who chose Holmatro has their rescue equipment partner.  In 2008 the two series unified and Holmatro is proud to continue supporting their safety program.  With the innovation and space age construction used in the world of motor sports, it’s even more critical for their safety crews to have rescue tools that keep pace with technology.  Our affiliation with motor sports helps keep us looking forward, always improving, always developing new products and always bringing new solutions to the world of rescue.