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ESI Equipment Inc. has been providing equipment, training, and other services since 1990. Taking the Holmatro Rescue Tool Line, ESI initially covered Southeastern Pennsylvania where there were 10 customers, who are still with us today. Seeing the potential in the Holmatro Rescue Tools, founder John K. Evans, a past EMS / Rescue Chief, quickly sought help from his long time friend, past ambulance partner, and past EMS / Rescue officer, Pat Grubb. Working out of home and small under-rated vehicle, ESI suddenly grew as the Holmatro Tools gained popularity. Since both John and Pat came from Fire/Rescue/EMS backgrounds, relationships with other rescue departments came readily and expanding ESI’s base was inevitable. Starting in Southeastern PA, ESI took on Southern New Jersey, Eastern half of Pennsylvania, then all of New Jersey, Delaware and finally the entire state of Pennsylvania and Northwest West Virginia today. ESI’s customer base has increased to a total over 850 Fire, EMS, Rescue, Police, and Industrial customers. Operating out of the headquarters in Montgomeryville, PA, ESI also has sales and service facility in New Holland, and Sewickley, PA.  ESI employs 13 full time and 10 part time workers, and has become one of the largest full-service dealers in North America for vehicle rescue equipment.

While the customer base and coverage area increased, the types of rescue equipment also expanded. Concentrating on vehicle extrications, new products were brought on line to compliment these specific rescue efforts. Today, ESI handles over a dozen different rescue equipment lines and packages other specialized pieces under the ESI name.

Many of today’s emergency service providers prefer personal contact with their providers. ESI maintains a fleet of vehicles to provide direct customer contacts to ensure all sales, service, training, and installations needs are met.