ESI Rapid Response Units


Compact // Wild // Diablo



This Rapid Response Body, RRU COMPACT model was designed to give you 320° of accessibility to maximize internal space. The ergonomic design of this transferable body allows you to work completely from the outside.


ESI Rapid Response RRU WILD
This Rapid Response Body, the RRU WILD model is available in both 6 and 8 foot lengths and is also offered with or without side access doors. The RRU Wild offers an unrivaled 320° of access to your equipment. The side door opening on our 8 foot version is an amazing 24” high by 84” wide. That combined with 40/60 rear doors, a custom equipped sliding trays, will give you immediate access to the equipment you need on scene.

Dimensions: 6′ or 8′ // 54″  


Our Rapid Response Body, the RRU DIABLO model offers the largest interior volume available in the industry while being exceedingly aerodynamic. With and interior height of 6’3”, your members can stand up straight in this utility service body. Natural lighting from our skylights located at the front and standard energy-efficient LED lighting, 40/60 rear doors make the Diablo a benchmark in the industry. Contact us about commercial units.

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