With custom configurations designed to meet today’s standards and redesigned interior features adapted for today’s emergency personnel, ESI Rapid Response strives to bring you game-changing solutions to help you prepare for the future.


Reduce Your Operating Costs without Reducing Your Capabilities

ESI Rapid Response Units (RRU) are designed to serve the emergency services market as a small & inexpensive first-due apparatus. These units introduce a more efficient and economical way that can handle about 80 percent of regular callsThe body-insert never touches the pickup bed except where the patented, four corner clamps secure under the bed sill. Once you’re finished with the pickup as a response unit, the user can slide the RRU body off and transfer it to another truck OR reuse the untouched pickup bed for utility purposes… Making ESI Rapid Response Units fit almost anywhere in a fleet. The body insert has a lifespan of at least two trucks, making ESI Rapid Response Units your solution to reducing operating costs. Our specialized unfitting and custom equipment installations offers you the unique opportunity to reduce your operating costs with out reducing your capabilities.

Next Generation Technology

Utilize ESI Rapid Response Units’ remarkable technology  with an unprecedented PDC (Power Distribution Center). The Power Distribution System includes new lithium ion battery technology and upgraded Inverter technology featuring PDC Exterior Annunciator and intelligent battery charging system, and cutting edge automation features.

Upfitted & Designed with You in Mind

All fiberglass weather resistant transferable RRU Body Insert fit any 8 or 6½ foot domestic pickup. Ergonomically designed full-size pull-out trays for and easy access to all your equipment. With ESI Rapid Response custom equipment installation and the availability of additional accessories such as USSC seating and portable CAFS, you can see why ESI Rapid Response Units are changing the game with THE NEXT GENERATION OF RAPID RESPONSE UNITS


Upfit your ESI Rapid Response Unit with any of our available features and products –  all aluminum storage compartments, USB and DC power ports as well as a command platform that includes LED lighting magnetic whiteboard and/ or monitor mount. Equip your RRU with exterior scene and emergency lighting. An automated, light rear slide out feature is available to offer you protection from any weather unit, offering personal protection from any weather conditions


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