How to Install
ESI Rapid Response Transferable Units

ESI Rapid Response Units, body by SpaceKap, are used to serve the emergency services market as a small and inexpensive first-due apparatus. These units introduce a more efficient and economical way that can handle about 80 percent of regular calls. Spacekap provides ESI Equipment, Inc. with the body shell that slides into the bed of a pickup truck and is secured with a patented clamping system. This allows easy insertion and removal of the body similar to a pickup camper. ESI Rapid Response body is reinforced to accommodate the added emergency devices and mechanisms.

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Transfer with Jacks


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(1) Release the tie down.

Outside Clip_WEB

(2) Patented one-stroke lever-actuated quick-release four corner tie down system.

Inside Clip_WEB

(3) Four Jacks lift the body. Electric cables unplug, the pickup drives in or out.