About SpaceKapLong


Founded in 1972, Fibrobec/SpaceKap has since produced and delivered more than 235,000 units of its popular fiberglass pickup truck caps and slip-in transferable service bodies across North America.

The company developed its first commercial fiberglass cap in 1984 and customers received it with immediate praise. However, despite its popularity it was not a slip-in body design. This meant that like all traditional fiberglass caps, each time the vehicle is replaced, so too must the fiberglass cap. This proves to be not only very costly but also has an immense negative environmental impact.


At Fibrobec, the makers of SpaceKap, we acknowledge that as a business entity we have an economic, environmental and social impact and recognize the imperative of aligning our business practices within a sustainable framework.

At the core of our sustainable initiatives is our unique product design. Our products exemplify our dedication to providing our customers with effective solutions that are not only a testament to our commitment to sustainability but also assist our stakeholders in achieving their own sustainable practices.

Our environmentally responsible design employs several green tenets:

  • Exclusive installation of energy efficient LED lighting (free of toxic chemicals and zero UV emissions)
  • Lightweight design reduces fuel consumption
  • Durable construction permits its reuse for decades; eliminating reinvestment and minimizing landfill waste
  • Post-production waste is 100% recycled

We are equally committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our employees and promoting green working and living habits.