ESI Rapid Response Unit
Efficiency with Attitude™

Design, fabricate, and install vehicle inserts, equipment, and accessories to maximize performance, available space, and deployment efficiency.


 Introducing the ESI Rapid Response Units! New name, same great product!

ESI Rapid Response Units, body by SpaceKap, are used to serve the emergency services market as a small and inexpensive first-due apparatus. These units introduce a more efficient and economical way that can handle about 80 percent of regular calls. Spacekap provides ESI Equipment, Inc. with the body shell that slides into the bed of a pickup truck and is secured with a patented clamping system. This allows easy insertion and removal of the body similar to a pickup camper. ESI Rapid Response body is reinforced to accommodate the added emergency devices and mechanisms.

ESI Equipment, Inc. fabricates custom interior configurations, installations, and finishing aspects that result in an emergency response unit. The interior configurations are only limited by the purchaser’s imagination. The Rapid Response Unit bodies are designed to fit any 8 or 6½ foot domestic pickup, including Ford, Chevrolet/GMC, and Dodge. The body frames are specific to the pickup bed, which means the Rapid Response Unit body can be generic in nature. The body never touches the pickup bed except where the four corner clamps secure under the bed sill. Once an end user is finished with the pickup as a response unit, the user can slide the body off and reuse the untouched pickup bed for utility purposes. ESI Rapid Response Units will fit almost anywhere in a fleet, including as an emergency vehicle, repair technician’s truck, fire police unit, fire investigation unit, or for water rescue purposes.

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