The Next Generation of Rapid Response Units

ESI Rapid Response Unit The Future is Now. 

Strivingto bring you game-changing solutions in this new era of Responder Vehicles, ESI Rapid Response Units (RRU) are used to serve the emergency service market as a small inexpensive first-due apparatus. With transferable bodies that fit any domestic pick-up truck, ESI Rapid Response Units fit perfectly in any fleet.

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A More Efficient and Economical Way to Handle 80% of Regular Calls

The body frames are specific to the pickup bed, which means the Rapid Response Unit body can be generic in nature. The body never touches the pickup bed except where the four corner clamps secure under the bed sill & with a lifespan of two trucks, ESI Rapid Response Units your solution to reducing operating costs without reducing your capabilities.

Reduce Your Operating Costs Without Reducing Your Capabilities

Remarkable Technology Out Performs Industry Standards

RRU’s remarkable technology outperforms industry standards with an unprecedented Power Distribution Center. The Power System includes new lithium ion battery technology and upgraded Inverter technology featuring PDC Exterior Annunciator and intelligent battery charging system, striving to bring you game-changing solutions for this new era of Responder Vehicles.

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ESI Rapid Response Body Styles