New ESI Apparatus Division has been designing and installing custom equipment installations for over 18 years. Driven by a desire for input from customers to place rescue equipment in the most ergonomic position, deploy ready, use as little space as possible. ESI has become the most sought after custom installation company in the region. We design and provide custom-made metal and plastic fabrications and use hardware from Performance Advantage Company (PAC), Ziamatic, Inc., Turtle Plastics, Sensible Products, Inc., and others.

Whether it is a new or existing apparatus, ESI can design and install at our headquarters or at our customer’s locations with our Custom Installation Truck. With over 550 installations completed by our staff of experienced technicians, ESI can provide extremely efficient hydraulic rescue systems including reels and bulkheads. ESI was the first to develop CORE bulkhead outlets and introduced the new Cobra swiveling bulkhead outlet in 2010.

Working with many apparatus manufacturers that are familiar with our capabilities, ESI routinely assists in the new truck layout for customers working directly with apparatus manufacturer’s engineers in design features to enhance our custom installation jobs. This relationship benefits both ESI and the end-user with the best results possible.

ESI is a complete installation entity for not only hydraulic rescue systems, but all equipment on rescue, engine, ladder, and special service trucks. Our experienced staff of designers can assist in equipment and tool layout within a truck, provide CAD drawings when needed, and installers complete the work in a very professional manner. Using the best quality  materials and components, ESI’s work is designed and installed for the lifetime of the apparatus.